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March 27, 2021 South Africa, Gauteng, City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality 87 Bailey Rd, Zandspruit 338


Do YOU Even Need an Online Portfolio? No WEBSITE? NO PROBLEM

• Showcase your work: Having an online portfolio gives you a unique opportunity to present your work in a professional manner.

• Build a personal brand: Position yourself as an expert in your field (e.g. Plumbing or Renovations), advertise your skills and share your vision.

• More exposure: Anyone with an internet connection will be a couple of clicks away from your work. So you’ll get more eyes on your art, and could even find potential clients.

• Sell online: Use your online portfolio to offer services (e.g. Interior design work), or even sell your creations online (e.g. jewelry).

• Make yourself available: Having a website with your contact information will make it easier for clients and followers to reach out to you.

• More than a resumé: When applying for jobs, having an online display of your visual work can give you an edge.

• Go viral: If you are lucky enough to create a successful piece of work that gets loads of traction (e.g. Office Cleaning Services), having your portfolio online would be a smart way to channel all that online success.

• Receive Quote Requests/Enquiries Seamlessly: Make it easier for prospective clients to contact you on QuickPro for your Services based on your location & expertise.


Website Link: www.quickpro.co.za

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